I am Marion Lenne,

Industrial designer and happy to share my passion, my work with you.

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About Me

Hey, I'm Marion Lenne, French Industrial Designer with a Master’s degree in Design and Management from ISD - Institut Superieur de Design - France.

I have been working in design consultancy field for the past 3 years. Recently moved to Stockholm - Sweden, I have worked in France, Israel, Chicago, San Francisco and lately in Copenhagen. I am a empathic person that's why I focus my design around the users and the real potential of the market.

The diversity of design is so vast that I am always excited to work on a new project, find the best insights to create clever and unique designs and never afraid of challenges

I am a collaborative person who likes to be a part of a team and have won several team awards while working with talented designers. I like to prioritize quality concept over quantity and good project communication with clients. I am also passionate about graphic design and project management.

More about me : I enjoy exploring new cities to satisfy a natural curiosity for travel, and capturing local culture and architecture through unusual and unique photography. I also enjoy expressing myself through baking for my colleagues.

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Marion LENNE

- Industrial designer -

Cad & Render

Details thinking

How I applied it on

My Projects

  • PK.01 - Precision knife
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy mate
  • PATRICK- Folding screen

My experience

Design studio - Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
5 month - 2013/14

Design studio - Chicago, USA
12 month - 2015/16

Design studio - San Francisco, USA
6 month - 2016/17

Design studio - Copenhagen, DENMARK
8 month - 2017/18

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Omri Barzeev

Creative director / Partner
PRIME. Total product design
Tel Aviv

Marion, came to our studio far better prepared with professional experience than the average intern. She has taken the initiative to gain hands-on work through different tasks, which has made her a very efficient, productive employee. I have found her to be a mature, professional employee who is responsible and dependable. She has done a great job managing her time stay organized to produce innovative quality work.

[...] Overall, I feel that Marion would be an asset to any team. She can work well independently, but she is open to work in a team and accepts constructive criticism and feedback very well, which is essential in working with clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Marion for a professional position as an industrial designer.

Kyle Buzzard

Design director

Marion is an incredibly talented designer and a wonderful human being. She has a gift for establishing empathy and provoking emotional responses from her designs and has contributed greatly to our diversity of thought and perspective on design while here at MINIMAL. She may not be the most prolific designer, but each concept she produces is incredibly thoughtful, feasible, and different from anything else on the wall.

She has the elusive mix of raw talent, strong work ethic, unique perspective, fun personality, and passion for design that is hard to find and would make a great addition to any team.

Qin Li

Design leader head
San Francisco

Marion is a creative designer. She likes to think out of the boundary and challenge the traditional way of problem solving when design meets reality. She is never afraid to raise any thought and concerns and being very active and vocal on brainstorming and contributes her ideas. She is a hard worker and knows what is the right quality for delivery and be able to translate her ideas well on different kinds of fidelities. She is a team player and works well with the other designers.

In short, I think Marion is a talented and skilled young designer who has a bright future to come.

Mark Weedon

Design director product & technology

Marion is the definition of a perfectionist, always striving for the perfect solution to a problem with energy and vigor. She has proven to us over the last 8 months that the she is a great addition to the team and her strong opinion and process has been greatly appreciated.

Marion has also benefited from taking more responsibility on projects and started to build compelling stories for clients and I think as part of a structured team will develop into a strong and reliable designer. She brings energy, passion and smiles wherever she goes and a unique perspective to any project as well as empathy, balancing both the user and client needs gracefully

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I am currently available for design position, so please feel free to contact me.

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